For more than twenty years, People Tree has worked with Fair Trade farmers and artisans in the developing world to create a new type of fashion business.


Fair Trade doesn't just mean paying a fair price. It is an entirely different way of doing business. Fair Trade puts people and the environment central to doing business.

The objective of Fair Trade is not profit at any cost, but to help people in the world's most marginalised communities escape poverty, strengthen their communities and promote environmental sustainability.

Fair Trade is a long term partnership between producers and traders based on mutual respect and transparency. Fair Trade enables people to put food on their tables and to send their children to school. Fair Trade has the potential to alleviate poverty at the household level. By changing the unfair structures of world trade, it creates a more democratic system.


People Tree aims to be 100% Fair Trade throughout our supply chain. People Tree is committed to the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) principles and we guarantee that the majority of our purchasing is Fair Trade. Our Fair Trade products are purchased from economically disadvantaged groups in the developing world.

People Tree actively supports 50 Fair Trade groups in eight developing countries. The majority are development organizations and social businesses working to WFTO standards. Many were founded to deal with a specific crisis or social issue or to empower a particular community. Our Fair Trade partners make everything from handcrafted jewellery to hand knitted jumpers to hand woven dresses. People Tree uses hand skills and slow fashion to strengthen livelihoods and empower over 4,000 artisans and farmers!


In Kenya, People Tree partners with Bombolulu Workshops, a group that empowers physically disabled people. In India, People Tree purchases Fair Trade certified organic cotton from Agrocel farmers. In Bangladesh, People Tree works with Swallows to develop hand woven fabrics and provide livelihoods for weavers. In Nepal, People Tree partners with KTS in producing hand knit sweaters, thereby providing jobs for more than 2,500 women.


  • We treat our Fair Trade partners, artisans and producers with respect.
  • We aim to maintain long term relationships with our Fair Trade groups.
  • We provide training to artisans, farmers and their organizations so they can improve their skills, strengthen their businesses, and deepen their social impact.
  • We make 50% advance payments on orders to help farmers and producers finance Fair Trade.
  • We design our Collections with enough time for hand production – this is rare in the fashion industry.
  • We have an Internal Monitoring System to ensure that Fair Trade as defined by the 10 principles of WFTO is maintained throughout our supply chain.
  • Our partners use the profits they earn from trading with us to strengthen local communities, for example offering free education to low income families or providing clean water.