“Buying organic cotton is a simple way that we can contribute to reducing the impacts of climate change, as amongst other things, organic cotton is proven to save and protect water resources and reduce carbon emissions.”

-Peter Melchett, Policy Director, Soil Association

Organic Cotton

From farm to fashion, People Tree produces a range of clothing for women and men with organic cotton. Over 80% of People Tree’s collection is made with 100% organic cotton.

Almost all of our cotton is 100% Fairtrade certified organic and grown by farmers who earn 30% more for their cotton. We help by supporting clean water facilities, schools, seed banks and training and fighting against GM seeds. Buying organic cotton fashion is a small thing that makes a big difference.

People Tree's organic cotton is certified by Soil Association.

Organic cotton is good for people and the planet

Organic cotton farming is good for farmers. People Tree’s organic cotton is produced by Agrocel, a Fair Trade group that helps farmers go organic. Agrocel provides Indian cotton farmers with an alternative way of farming cotton. Agrocel farmers work in harmony with their land, from sowing seeds to harvesting. Protecting the land and water ways is labour-intensive, but provides jobs for more people and protects their health in the long term. Agrocel farmers grow crops including tomatoes, aubergines and millet alongside their organic cotton, providing a secondary source of income and food.

At Agrocel, women are paid the same as men and given paid maternity leave. Farmers receive a pension, health insurance and good medical facilities. Farmers are paid a premium for the quality and provenance of organic and Fairtrade cotton. These premiums make a huge difference, funding clean water for drinking and bathing and improving the local schools.

The premiums also support a savings scheme for female farmers that trains women in financial independence, helping them save and plan for the future. Farmers have used organic and Fairtrade cotton as a way to help them escape from money lenders, set up organic cotton seed banks, rebuild their lives and strengthen their communities.

Organic farming is also good for the environment. Agrocel farmers have developed natural farming methods and use natural pesticides made from chili, neem, garlic and soap to control pests, instead of expensive and harmful chemicals. Using natural pesticides protects both people and the environment from chemicals, and also saves the farmers up to 3000 rupees per acre.

Watch the story behind People Tree's Organic Cotton

Safia Minney travelled to India to visit Agrocel Organic Cotton farmers. Watch and learn why organic and Fair Trade farming is so important.

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