creative handicrafts


People Tree partners with Creative Handicrafts, a social enterprise working to empower disadvantaged women of the slum communities of Mumbai through economic independence.

Creative Handicrafts Founder, Sister Isabel Martin, felt the best way to help people overcome poverty was to provide them with the opportunity to work. In 1984, she started Creative Handicrafts, training poor women to make toys, bags and home textiles. Today, Creative Handicrafts provides training to the women to produce garments and fabric handicrafts and to market their goods to earn a living.

The mission of Creative Handicrafts is to build sustainable communities where respect for people is held high and there is no differentiation based on caste, gender or religion.


Over the years hundreds of women have benefited from the skill training provided by Creative Handicrafts. Some enterprising women have gone on to start their own businesses, while others have continued to work with Creative Handicraft’s cooperatives.

Women who do not make the grade as tailors are trained in cooking and join The Lunch Box Catering Project, supplying lunches to hundreds of office workers around Mumbai.

Many of the hundreds of women who work for Creative Handicrafts are the main bread winners for their families. Creative Handicrafts runs a crèche, providing day care for the toddlers of working mothers living in the slums.

People Tree started to work with Creative Handicrafts in 2011 and together we’ve developed a new organic cotton collection.

In January 2013, model Lauren Gold travelled with People Tree Founder, Safia Minney, to visit Creative Handicrafts. Watch this video where Lauren models the beautiful Philippa Blossom Sun Dress and then goes to meet the women who made it.