Prokritee is a Fair Trade, not-for-profit organisation that encompasses eight handicraft groups based in rural Bangladesh. Among those employed by Prokritee are economically marginilised or vulnerable people such as minority groups, tribal people, landless poor, widows, divorcees and single mothers.

Prokritee's handicraft projects are rurally based and specifically designed and developed to encourage employment of women. Traditionally, only a small portion of women living in these rural areas participate in income generation. By providing jobs for women, Prokritee is able to improve women's standard of living and help them send their children to school. Through their head office in Dhaka, Prokritee provides the opportunity for these rural communities to participate in the world market by providing access to the international market.

Producer Profile:

Anita Halder is a producer at Biborton, Prokritee's Handmade Paper Project. She has been working at Biborton for more than eighteen years. Her life was very challenging; she never had the opportunity to have an education due to her families poverty. At the age of seventeen she married her husband Nilratan who was a farmer. Life was going smoothly and over time she and her husband were blessed with two sons. After five years her husband became ill and Anita had to sell all her assets to pay for her husband’s treatment. But unfortunately within two years, Anita lost her husband. She had no way to provide food and clothing for her children and began searching for a job door to door. One day Anita came across Biborton, Prokritee's Handmade Paper Project. She explained her problems to the manager of Biborton who offered her a job. Now she is earning good wages making hand made paper, accessories and gifts. Anita’s younger son is a brilliant student and recently graduated in Accounting. Anita is looking forward to a bright future and is happily continuing her work with Prokritee.