From the 23rd-29th of April 2018 it is Fashion Revolution week, People Tree will join in with other brands across 68 countries around the world to challenge global fashion brands to demonstrate commitment to transparency across the length of the supply chain, from farmers to factory workers, brands to buyers and consumers.

What is Fashion Revolution Day about?

Fashion Revolution Day is a day to challenge the human rights and environmental catastrophes in typical fashion supply chains.
April 24th marks the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which killed 1,133 and injured over 2,500 people.

How does People Tree support the movement?

The Rana Plaza factory collapse deeply saddened and outraged us and in 2013, we asked you to join the Rag Rage Campaign. More than 80,000 people signed the petition calling fashion brands to sign the Fire and Building Safety Agreement in Bangladesh and to provide compensation to victims. People Tree joined War on Want, Clean Clothes Campaign, IndustriALL and other global workers’ rights organisations in pressuring global brands to change. By 16 May 2013, many of the world’s leading high street brands had signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. Thank you for your support!

Since then we have hosted a Fashion Revolution Day event, bringing together leading fashion industry activists and thinkers. The event featured a panel discussion with Caryn Franklin, Fashion Commentator & Activist, Lucy Siegle, Journalist, John Hilary, War on Want, and Amin Amirul Haque, National Garment Worker's Federation. People Tree's Founder and CEO Safia Minney moderated the discussion on fashion, ethics, human rights, and need for fair fashion practices in Bangladesh.

Our social responsibility team makes regular trips with the design team to meet its producers, whether design and technical support or to measure the social impact. These trips are an important part of People Tree’s DNA and ensure that best practice is maintained throughout the supply chain. This year we want to introduce you to the talented makers of our clothes and to hear their stories. All day across all of our social media platforms we will be sharing the stories of some of the men and women that benefit from working with us to the Fair Trade standards.

This year we are hosting events throughout the week. Please click HERE to find out more

How can you take part?

From the 23rd of April this year, we ask you to follow these simple steps to get involved: 

Post photos of your People Tree garments, tagging us and #whomademyclothes and we’ll tell you as much as we know about the people behind those pieces. 

Talk to other fashion businesses to learn more about where their clothing is made by uploading a photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with this message: “I want to thank the people who made my clothes. @brand #whomademyclothes” 

Visit the People Tree website and help support ethical fashion. Help make the message louder. Nominate 3 friends to do the same.