By Safia Minney, in Paperback

Through interviews with men, women and children caught in the clutches of fast fashion,
Slave to Fashion both celebrates the many initiatives that are taking place in order to put an end to human hardship and reveals what more needs to be done. 

‘I started to think about modern slavery many years ago, when I saw an eight-year-old boy lying sick on the dirty floor of a slum workshop. Having a son, the same age I trembled with the anger and injustice of it, and I never forgot him.’ Safia Minney MBE - Founder of People Tree

Safia Minney is widely regarded as a leader in the Fair Trade movement and has been awarded Outstanding Social Entrepreneur by the World Economic Forum and an MBE for her work in Fair Trade and the fashion industry. 

Sustainable and ethical fashion is not a niche. Rather, it is part of a huge movement to change the economic system, and our health and happiness at a personal level and as a planet. 

This is a movement we can, and should, all be part of. Not sometime in the future, but right now…