Hand Embroidered

People Tree designers adorn our products from simple tops to embellished wedding gowns with hand embroidery, a traditional skill passed down through generations.

People Tree collaborates with two Fair Trade groups in Bangladesh who produce beautiful hand embroidered garments: Swallows and Artisan Hut. Hand embroidery is a traditional skill that has been passed down through generations in India and Bangladesh.

To create a hand embroidered dress for People Tree, the first step is weaving the fabric by hand using traditional looms. Then the artisans embroider the fabric by hand. After the embroidery is complete, the fabric is washed, cut and sewn into a dress. The artisans are highly skilled and capable of creating intricate embroidery as neat as that done by a machine – and all done by hand.

When People Tree designers are coming up with a new collection, they look for opportunities to create livelihoods for producers. We visit producer groups, see what skills they have, and then try to interpret them into more contemporary designs. The designers enjoy challenging the artisans to try different ways of doing embroidery using new materials.

This video of Swallows shows the intricate process of hand embroidery along with the hand weaving that is the base for all of our hand embroidered garments

Watch the video of Hand Embroidery HERE