Hand Knitted

People Tree and our artisan partners create a collection of hand knitted jumpers and accessories made with wool, cotton, and other natural yarns. We partner with artisans to design and produce beautiful hand knitted clothing and accessories. We collaborate with fashion designers and work alongside our Fair Trade producers, empowering them to create garments that are fashionable and high quality.

In the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, People Tree works with over 2500 artisans who hand knit jumpers, cardigans and accessories using natural materials, including cotton, sheep's wool and banana fibre.

Here in Europe, hand knitting is growing in popularity as a new generation discovers the pleasure of making things by hand. But hand knitting is also a powerful tool for economic change.

Most of People Tree’s hand knitted garments and accessories are made by Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS), which is based in Nepal. KTS employs home-based artisans who produce a collection of hand knitted and embroidered pieces for People Tree. Hand knitting not only makes a unique and beautiful product, it also provides women with the opportunity to work.  Many are university students and mums who knit, on average, 5 hours a day to finance their tuition fees or children's schooling.

In addition to providing good jobs for thousands of people, KTS puts profits from Fair Trade back into community development. KTS supports an orphanage and a school providing an education to over 250 children from low-income socially-excluded families. KTS provides underprivileged women, disabled people and widows with vocational training and job opportunities. KTS provides medical and social support, offers children and adult literacy classes and provides micro-enterprise loans.

Watch the video of Hand Knitting HERE