Handmade Jewellery

People Tree and our customers love jewellery – from bold statement necklaces to delicate earrings inspired by motifs from nature. We also share a common love of natural materials and unique handcrafted pieces. We want to know that what we wear has been made with respect to the people who make it.

People Tree partners with two Fair Trade groups to produce our beautiful collection of hand crafted jewellery; TARA Projects in India and Bombolulu Workshops in Kenya. Both organizations prioritize sustainable development and pride themselves on making beautiful, high-quality jewellery using environmentally-friendly production methods.

TARA Projects

TARA stands for Trade, Alternative, Reform and Action. For more than 40 years, TARA has campaigned against the root causes of poverty and the use of child labour. The artisans who work with TARA Projects in Delhi, India and the surrounding villages, make a collection of delicate, beautiful jewellery and crafts for People Tree. TARA artisans hand craft jewellery with skills that have been passed down the generations.

Bombolulu Workshops

People Tree partners with Bombolulu, a Fair Trade social business in Kenya promoting livelihoods for physically challenged people, to create beautiful handmade jewellery in brass and silver plate. For more than 40 years, Bombolulu has provided opportunities for people with physical disabilities. Artisans at Bombolulu make every detail of the jewellery by hand – even the link of each chain is made by hand by blind artisans. Besides jewellery, Bombolulu creates leatherwork, carving and textiles, providing work for 100 people.

People Tree’s hand crafted jewellery is made with love by people who are treated with respect. Wear it, gift it and treasure it!

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