Why we do promotions

We think it is important for us to be completely transparent with you and to explain why we go into sale and how it has a positive impact on the producers, factory workers, artisans and farmers we work with.

As a Fair Trade brand, it is very important to us that the discounts you receive do not affect our producers and their wages or livelihood.
These sales work in the producer's favour by giving us a vital boost in revenue which helps us to invest further in the people who make your clothing, we break this statement down in the paragraph below.

We make a long-term commitment to supporting our partners by placing orders months in advance, unlike traditional fashion brands, giving our producer partners in the developing world the time and support required to complete the orders in a safe and happy environment.  We have tailored payment plans with these companies which means the artisans and producers who need access to working capital such as materials, and pay salaries before the collection is made are able to do so. We make advance payments and endeavor to pay all producers before they ship our clothing.  

In conclusion, by doing sales we generate extra revenue, which we then invest in our producers so they can begin work on our next collection. 

Image Credit: heylilahey

Image Credit: heylilahey