Raju Shakya, Silver producer, born in Patan.


Raju learned jewellery making at 13 after not being able to complete high school study due to economic strains on his family. Jewellery making and craftsmanship in these communities gets passed down from generation to generation. It’s learnt by studying their parents and other family elders work. Unfortunately due to a stunted education it was difficult for Raju to get a regular job or make money from this craft, making his living very difficult.

Love Story:

In 2001 Raju married Rina, one of the staff at KTS. Rina discovered how talented Raju was at crafting jewellery and encouraged him to establish his own workshop; she came to KTS shortly after to request a loan for Raju to establish a workspace to start his jewellery making company.

The school supported them and provided Raju with an interest free loan. Thanks to the support from KTS and orders from international Fair Trade Buyers such as People Tree, their lives have greatly improved.

A few years later Raju demolished their old house and built a modern house, all from the income he has made by crafting semi-precious jewellery. At peak of orders, Raju had employed up to 15 people. His employees are from the remote village of Trisuli, Nuwakot district in Nepal, this area in Nepal is home to the most economically disadvantaged. These communities have missed out on education opportunities, having only studied up to primary school education. The main reason behind this is being forced to leave school due to lack of money to pay for their tuition fees or to feed their families.

The Collection handmade by Raju and his team

Rose Quartz Rituals

From attracting your ideal partner to bringing love into your home, rose quartz is considered to have romantic and healing properties. Here are the rituals our team recently tried out, results TBC!

To find true love:

Place a piece of cleansed rose quartz under your pillow, we’ve heard the crystal’s strong vibrations will help to bring the person of your dreams into your life.

For a confidence boost:

Place rose quartz in your hand and repeat a positive affirmation, apparently this crystal will help with your confidence and bring love and support into your life.

For a harmonious home:

Place your rose quartz in a corner of your house and visualise the crystal spreading love around your house – and beyond…