tara projects

TARA Projects

TARA stands for Trade, Alternative, Reform and Action. The artisans who work with TARA Projects in Delhi, India and the surrounding villages, make a collection of delicate, beautiful jewellery and crafts for People Tree.

For more than forty years, TARA Projects has worked with marginalized people in Delhi, India. TARA Projects has led the way in defending the rights of the poor and campaigning against child labour.

Why TARA Projects work is so important

Most jewellery in India is produced by small artisan groups. These producers are rarely able to bargain for a decent price and are often taken advantage of. TARA Projects has led the way in protecting and supporting small groups of artisans, who are often exploited and paid very poorly.

Jewellery is big business in India, but there is a dark side to the industry: much of the inexpensive jewellery you can buy on the high street is made using child labour. Child labour is used because wages are much lower than adults’ wages – and small hands are better suited to creating intricate jewellery. Often jewellery workshops are owned and run by former child labourers who have known nothing else.

The founders of TARA believed that Fair Trade could improve the lives of artisans living in poverty while also protecting children from exploitation. TARA Projects supports small artisan groups by empowering them economically and helping them sell their products for a good price. TARA Projects uses design as a tool for development.

“We believed that fairness in trade could bring prosperity and peace in society.”

How does TARA Projects make a difference?

TARA Projects employs only adults and ensures that TARA artisans earn more in comparison to other artisans. Artisans also enjoy access to better working conditions, savings schemes, health facilities and opportunities for training and ongoing support.

Furthermore, TARA Projects supports an education programme for child labourers. Currently more than 1,100 children are provided with a free education and support to escape from exploitation and poverty.